You know what's cool?

       What's cool?

You're so beautiful that I could not like you more... "Like", huh! That isn't right. "Liking" is so tiny, so meaningless. I don't like you, I love you.

I met Marián when I was in Buenos Aires, some random afternoon, 2009. It was the best of times - Charles Dickens said.

She's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen and will ever see. Anyways, I loved argentine girls since I was a little boy.
Everyone until I met her.
No one since her.

«If you weren't so tall...» -I  never tell-  «...I would take you on a date». I think I told it once.
We hang out anyways. Some times.

Everything was gold - Candy said.

I tell her stories, most of the time. Stories about us, in other worlds. I tell we're together, she and I, surfing every sunrise, waking every sea.

I make breakfast.
The most important meal of day - I said.
And take it to our bed.


En un universo
que no es este

mis ojos buscan más estrellas
que puedan transmutarse
en tus ojos por las noches

en ese universo
que no es este

son mis manos
mis diez dedos
avanzando en tu sendero
hecho de piel

ese paralelismo
entre tu mundo
y el mío
ese rush
que me despierta con ganas
de llegar a tu cielo
de llegar a ese punto
_de inflexión

donde yo soy
el hombre
y vos sos
la mujer perfecta

She smiles. And eases my mind.

       You're just a love machine.

But you're so love-proof.